Soilet, the compostable pet toilet

These Questions & Answers should satisfy most of your queries.

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I have clay soil so do I need to embed it in stones to enable it to work?

You do not need to add any stones as the contents are going to convert into soil and do not need to drain away. In very wet weather you can reduce the amount of water added with the Soil Activator.

How long does it take to disintegrate once I have covered the full toilet with earth?

Our trials have shown complete conversion in just over nine months. This will vary as it is influenced by the ambient temperature, soil type, the rainfall, the speed of filling and the diet your pet is fed.

How soon can I plant flowers or a shrub over it?

You can plant shallow rooted plants (annuals) straight away if the Soilet™ is at least two inches below the natural soil surface. To plant young shrubs directly over the pot, it would be best to leave the site for about six months to allow the soil to settle, and the natural organisms to convert the waste to soil.

Does it poison the soil in any way?

No. Use of Soilet™ will actually improve the structure and nutrient availability of your garden soil. Converting animal wastes into soil is a very natural process, going on all over the world. The container is made of totally biodegradeable material which provides food for soil dwelling organisms and bacteria. The only hazards would be if your pet is carrying an untreated parasite burden or a zoonotic (transmissible to humans) infection. We advise that your pet is treated regularly to control parasites, to protect it and people who come into contact with it.

How close can it be placed to living plants without affecting them?

Soilet™ can be placed underneath established plants but they will suffer an amount of root disturbance as you dig the hole. Once the Soilet™ has converted to soil, the plants will benefit from the nutrients at root level, and the increase in soil organism activity.

If I have one average sized dog, how long will the toilet take to fill, assuming I also walk the dog?

We calculate that a Cocker spaniel size dog (10kg) would take three or four months to fill the Soilet™. Commercial pet diets vary in the amount of undigestible residue they leave.

Is it alright to put poo bags in the Soilet?

Yes, but only if you are careful to use fully Compostable (starch based) ones. Most plastic bags will not break down, so please don't add them to the Soilet.

I usually pick up pet mess with paper - can this be added?

Paper will convert to soil in time, but will fill the Soilet faster. Toilet Paper is the fastest to degrade.

Can Soilet work with cat mess?

Yes. Avoid putting lots of cat litter in at the same time, and you may need to add more water with the Soil Activator dose to keep the contents moist. Clay or mineral based litters will be much slower to convert to soil than wood based ones.

What do I do when it is full - can it be re-used?

No, it is designed to be left alone and it will disappear with time, just leaving improved soil. You can put plants directly on top of it. Please buy a refill pack of two bases and re-use the wooden lid. After two years, the original site can be re-used as location for another Soilet.

Are there any plants which will benefit from the site?

The new soil will suit most plants, being moisture retentive and slightly acidic. Shrubs of the Dogwood family, and Dog Roses will definitely thrive. Sunflowers will also grow strongly, are enjoyed by bees and can provide seeds to feed birds through the winter. Plant sunflowers in April or May.

Is it helpful to the environment?

Very much so! If pet waste is added to garbage, or flushed down toilets, the organic matter does not benefit the soil, and adds to pollution. Keeping the nutrients in your garden will help your plants grow, which will use carbon dioxide and provide wildlife habitat at the same time. The improved soil may reduce the need for buying bags of commercial compost or mulch.

I have a small dog which I do not walk very much. I will therefore fill the toilet quite slowly. Will it start to degrade before I can get it filled?

This may occur in damp summers if filled very slowly, as the rate at which the Soilet starts to biodegrade will be influenced by temperature and moisture. It will not be a problem if the sides start to let worms etc in to the Soilet - they will help turn the waste into soil.

Do you have different sized toilets to cope with differing demands on it?

Soilet is only one size at the moment, to make digging the hole easy. Large dogs, or households with several dogs, will fill the Soilet faster. But will then end up with more improved soil!

Will rain affect its efficiency, as it is open to the elements?

The conversion processes all need moisture to work, so rain is helpful. If the contents look very wet when you add the Soil Activator dose, reduce the amount of water with the dose.

Is it alright to use tap water with the Soil Activator?

It is better to use rain water, or tap water which has been allowed to stand for at least twelve hours. The Chlorine in mains supplies is designed to kill micro-organisms, so will reduce the effectiveness of the Soil Activator.

Does it smell?

It shouldn't. You do not need to flush or stir the contents, and the lid is close fitting to help keep flies out. If you do notice unpleasant odours, sprinkle some of your garden soil over the surface.

Should I put a cover over it to stop animals or children investigating it?

We have designed the lid to fit snugly, and advise you site the Soilet away from areas small children use for playing. If you have unsupervised and curious toddlers, a few flat heavy stones or broken paving slabs will keep the lid held down. Animals should not be attracted to the contents.

If I do put a cover over it will it affect its efficiency?

Only if you exclude all the air. Do not cover with polythene while the base is being filled, or in the first twelve months as the organisms need oxygen.

Where can I get one?

We hope to be stocked by National Catalogues, Pet Supermarkets, Garden Centres and Country stores.

Soilet uses proven organic technology