Soilet, the compostable pet toilet

Other Pet Toilets

Based on septic tank and sewage treatment methods to liquefy the waste.

Needs a large, deep hole (approximately 200 litres of soil).

Backfilled with gravel or rubble, (120 litres).

Needs to be flushed weekly with 50 litres of water.

Liquefied waste is flushed through the local subsoil which can pollute local ground water, springs and streams.

Valuable nutrients are washed away.

The plastic tub and any rubble or stones will stay until physically removed. This demands lifetime commitment.

Can’t be used in clay soil where the liquefied waste can’t drain away.

The Soilet™

Soilet™ uses proven composting technology developed from organic agricultural processes.

An easily dug hole (just 12 litres of soil).

Low water usage.

Creates soil high in beneficial plant remains and humus with more nutrients than peat based or garden composts.

Soilet™ is made from natural materials using an ecofriendly manufacturing process.

Soil Activator is derived from natural ingredients and has a Pro-Biotic action which accelerates soil formation.

Soilet™ and contents completely biodegrade in any soil.

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