Soilet, the compostable pet toilet

Installing & using your Soilet™

Choose a suitable site in your garden away from paths and children's play areas.

1 Dig a Soilet™ wide hole 30cm (12in) deep.

2 Start filling your Soilet™ with pet waste.

3 Once a week or so, sprinkle the waste lightly with Soil Activator. If the waste looks dry, add about half a pint of water.

4 When full, add any remaining Soil Activator and then cover with a thin layer of old newspaper or thin card.

5 Cover with soil.

6 The Soilet™ and waste will biodegrade and the site can be used for planting.

Always remember to wash your hands after close contact with any pet waste.

Prevent access by small children.

Allow at least two years before planting food crops.

Promotional Video

Watch a 4 minute film showing Soilet™ in use on Vimeo:

Soilet installing and use